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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Enjoying the season.

I always look forward to Christmas with excitement and anticipation and hope. Even when I became ill this never changed. What changed then was my capability to enjoy Christmas when it arrived. I take it easy with the buying and wrapping presents on the lead up to Christmas, but there's no possibility of taking it easy when it hits.
This year was a wonderful Christmas, we were surrounded by family and for me this is heaven. I love my family. The sad thing is I can't enjoy it like I used to. As an M.E sufferer I feel bombarded with noise and commotion. A sensory overload exhausts me and each night I would come home as tired, sore, headachey and nauseous as if I'd gone for a walk that afternoon. I'm lucky that I have no responsibilities at Christmas, my wonderful husband and family take over and allow me to use my energy to enjoy the festivities. I know I'm one of the lucky ones with understanding family and friends. They would tell me to use my kid free time to rest, but nearly five years of having M.E and I still don't want to miss out on all the fun. Some things really are worth the consequences.
Saying that though, my husband and I are planning on a nice, relaxing QUIET New Years Eve! ... If the kids permit, that is.

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