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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Waiting for the good things

Last week I had my usual peruse on facebook and saw all the photos and status' of people going on holiday, watching the Olympics, having nights out. Not long after I found thoughts creeping in, slowly and subtly making me feel hard done by, trapped by my body and baby, and generally dissatisfied with life. I longed for a hot holiday, time to go out with my friends and husband without any kids, the ability to go on walks in the countryside... A bigger house on a quiet estate, a private chef, a cleaner. I think we all can empathise with the 'grass is greener' feeling.
I'd been doing so well with coping with it all, that I wondered why I couldn't shake off these thoughts now. And then I saw a book that a good friend had dropped off previously, which I hadn't had chance to read. It's titled 'When your prayers seem unanswered' by S. Michael Wilcox. Whilst the boys napped for a couple of hours I read the whole book, it's not too long, and it put everything back in perspective. The author explains that the Lord comes in His time, He can see when we are ready. I definitely recommend the book. Through reading it I remembered that this life isn't all there is. Essentially, it's a test. We're here to learn and grow and become the people that we need to be to live HAPPILY and with JOY and PEACE where we will live with our loved ones FOREVER. A moments hardship for an eternity of happiness. Granted, it doesn't feel like a moment, but I need to remember it is. We need to endure and endure well and learn the lessons we've been asked to learn. It's possible to do this only if we really do believe that good things will come. And they will, an eternity of good things. Good things also happen in this life, help will come, hard times will pass. We will have become better people for having been through them ... If we choose to be.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Remaining happy

After learning all I've learned over this past year I wondered why being happy still required effort. My little guy has had a few bad nights the last few weeks and these past few days have seen him be his grumpiest yet, just as we've trialled rice with him. It's easy to be happy when things are running smoothly but We are told that knowing what we know we should be a happy, joyful people in the midst of trials. .
So, I went back to the scriptures, back to the conference talks and prayed for guidance as I tried to find the answers of how to be truly happy, not dependant on circumstances.
I don't want you to think I'm really struggling. For the majority of the day I'm happy and smiling, but I still get easily upset when my son reacts to foods, or if my body makes life even more difficult that day. I shouldn't though, if I understand and apply the gospel properly.
The first lesson I learned was to be more GRATEFUL. It's surprising how much you realise your blessed with when you take note of everything you've been grateful for that day. This is a practise I highly recommend, if you want proof you're not doing this alone.
Secondly, ultimately the Lord knows best. He knows what will get you back to Him, so trust Him. When prayers are seemingly unanswered, believe there is a better reason for why.