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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Better food, better health

The summer holidays are over and routine begins.  I am definitely a creature of habit (thanks to pacing)  so the return of routine is like welcoming back an old friend . I will miss having my husband at home all the time though,  now he’s back at work his absence is going to take some getting used to.
One reason I’m looking forward to routine is so I can get back to healthier eating habits.  The summer brought lots of fun,  but lack of preparation and a huge decline in energy meant that lots of our meals were take outs.  I also went wild and ate nearly everything I had missed whilst I had been dairy and wheat free for the last two years.
Needless to say  my mind and body are suffering the consequences.  At the same time that I was strictly wheat and dairy free I experienced a relapse.  People would ask me if I’d noticed any difference on the diet,  but there was so much going on that had a negative effect on my health that I couldn’t tell.  Now that things have calmed down it has been easy to see the positive impact going wheat and dairy free had on my health. Since reintroducing wheat and dairy I have noticed  I have become more lethargic,  the pain has increased and I am unable to tolerate as much activity before my limbs refuse to work.  I wake up in the morning like I have been trampled by a herd of wilderbeasts.  My brain becomes even more foggy,  I forget more, become impatient quicker,  struggle to understand or listen when people are speaking. Writing or talking become even harder too.
The end of the summer is a good time  to get back into a routine and introduce healthier habits.  It is time to concentrate on creating the health  habits that will strengthen my body for the looming winter. My aim is not only to cut out dairy and wheat again,  but to eat less processed foods and introducejuicing. The hardest task will be to cut out processed food. It’s so prominent in our diets, and yet who knows what it contains. Jamie Oliver , the celebrity chef, works hard to encourage families to be educated in food and start to cook from scratch. HisFood Revolution website is a useful tool if you’re wanting to make the change to real food. I love the infographics for spurring me on and motivating me. 
These changes seem a bit overwhelming all at once,  but making one change at a time I will get there!

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