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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Setting goals

We had a lovely road trip last week. As we travelled for miles with our kids asleep in the back I wondered how we had come from a screaming baby who couldn't eat anything, to a fully weaned toddler, who is mostly happy as long as we stick to the right foods. Without realising it our little baby is growing up and we are loving the boy he's turning out to be. Sometimes I moan about still having to feed him off to sleep, but when I think of all those months we had to vigorously pace the floor rocking him to sleep for hours, I think of how much easier it is now and am grateful!

Our trip left us feeling rejuvenated and revigorated. We felt like coming home was a fresh start, a new beginning. It was the perfect time to set goals. There are a few things about my life that I'm not content with and want to change, and I'm a firm believer that we are masters of our own destinies. If you want to do something or be somebody you've got to put in the effort! I've made my list of the things I want to change/improve/accomplish and it's my job now to do it and keep motivated.

Now motivation usually isn't a problem for me if I deem the task in hand important or I really want to do it. My problems arise when I come across a stumbling block and then I struggle to think of solutions. Fortunately, as much as we are masters of our own destinies and need to do the work, if we ask we can receive divine guidance. If we set worthy goals then we will be entitled to guidance to find the solutions we are looking for.

Knowing this and putting it into practise  I should be successful in my endeavours ... I'll keep you posted!

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