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Friday, 19 October 2012

Preparing for the season.

The nature of the beast with an ME blogger is only being able to write posts when the going is good. Now the cold weather is hitting I'm having to pool my energies into the most important tasks, which, as ever, are my two munchkins. Saving some for handsome man of course.

I think this winter will be the test to see if I've really learnt anything this past year. The cold weather hits me like a ton of bricks and I'm not afraid to say that I hate it. My darling baby-turned-toddler is still intolerant, he still sleeps horrendously and he still suffers from reflux. In the summer weeks, when I felt at my best, it was easy to cope. However, I'm not going into this winter blind, like last year, so now when things seem too much, I know what to do to be able to cope.

I need to ACCEPT that this is what I have to experience. I need to ASK for help when needed. I need to REMEMBER that the things that made me happy with less pain and fatigue, can still make me happy with more pain and fatigue. I need to TAKE IT EASY and cut back on the activity I increased in the warmer months. And most of all, I need to remember that GOD LOVES ME, it's easy to forget when things get a bit harder, but there's no better comfort than knowing that you've got one friend who's on your side!

All that said, I still love winter time, I love the smell in the air, I love the crisp leaves under foot, I love snuggling under blankets, I love my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas. Tis a great season ... If only it wasn't so cold!

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