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Friday, 4 January 2013

Reflecting on a year of learning.

We went away to visit family just over Christmas. I enjoyed it for three reasons: 1) seeing and spending time with my family, 2) seeing my boys enjoy playing and spending time with their cousins and 3) having an excuse to clear my mind of the endless 'to do' lists and enjoy some free time.

With it being New Year as well I was free to ponder on 2012 and everything we experienced and everything I had learned. 2012 was a big learning curve for me. It was filled with opportunities to learn some really valuable lessons. As I contemplated on those experiences I realised that I had a fresh start in 2013 to put what I had learned into practise. I have learned that our experiences on this earth, whether bad or good, are for our profit and learning. Everything is a lesson and if we choose to see it like that we will be greatly benefitted because of it. We will become better people, and we will be able to be happy regardless of our circumstances.

I also realised that some of the things I have found really difficult have actually been blessings in disguise. For example, I have felt trapped by my baby needing me for sleep due to his acid reflux, but him needing me has forced me to rest when I wouldn't have. These rests have prevented a relapse in my health, which I know would have occurred as increase in my activity has caused me to suffer some setbacks which would have been worse if I wasn't having all this rest.

So my one intangible goal for 2013 is to accept what I'm given. In the immortal words of Joseph B. Wirthlin 'come what may and love it.'

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