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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The healing power of a good moan

In contrast to my previous blog posts I want to write about the other way to deal with trials. After speaking to some friends who are going through some hard times it made me realise that sometimes we do just need to have a 'moan'. In our conversations they would say 'I know it's going to end' or 'I know people have it harder'. These statements are true, but it doesn't mean that what we're going through at that time isn't difficult. Most days I get up and decide its going to be a good day that day. Then as time goes on and I find myself unable to accomplish the necessary tasks due to having one available hand, or a screaming baby, I begin to find it difficult. My body gets even more tired and it becomes hard work. On these occasions all I need is a good rant and moan. Get all that anger and negativity out of me and then I can continue. I'm not looking for a solution, I'm not looking for a 'keep your chin up'. I want someone, just for that moment to listen, agree and then I can carry on. I can go back to climbing the mountain, or accomplishing the impossible tasks. I'm not saying its good to moan all the time. However, most people I know are positive people who are desperately trying to 'keep their chin up' during some really difficult times. They struggle along with a smile on their face until they reach boiling point. Then they break and feel bad for doing it. What I say is, it's ok to break. It's good to get it out when you can't take any more. Let the burden off your shoulders so you can keep plodding on.

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  1. very true jenny - a good moan is good for you. much better than keeping all that bad stuff inside, festering and growing.