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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A valentines gift to my partner in crime!

Like every other big event since we've had our second baby, valentines day has snuck upon us and we are completely unprepared. Seeing all the gifts that others have bought their loved ones, or hearing about what they've done for each other did make me feel a pang of guilt.
Well, Stan, I may not be able to make you a cooked breakfast, heart shaped cookies and treat you to a slap up meal. But I do love you and these are the reasons why:
• I love that you don't expect anything of me, you love who I am and who I'm not and let me know it often.
• I love that you adore and love our boys and find everything they do amazing.
• I love how generous you are with us and those around us.
• I love the random comments or words that you say that come out of the blue and make me laugh from right down deep.
• I love it when I feel down or worried you really listen to me and help me see things clearer. Even if it may seem silly to you you never make me feel silly.
• I love that you go to work every day to support us financially.
• I love how on most days you order me to not do anything in the house because you can do it when you get home from work. (I don't like that I can't do these things, but like that you're never bothered that I can't),
• I love how you take everything in your stride. You just deal with whatever life throws at you and you never lose faith.
• I love that you always put family first.
• I love that you enjoy our company as much as we enjoy yours.
• I love the tricks and surprises you play on me and the kids!
• I love how handsome you are.
• I love how determined you are and how you take pride in everything that you do.
• I love how loyal you are to family, friends, people you serve in the church.
• I love that you value education and progression and really care about our kids and the youth.
• I love that you genuinely care about anyone you know.
• I love that after nearly 4 years of being married to you I still love you as much, and even more than I did when we got married.

Happy valentines day to my wonderful husband!

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  1. aww thats lovely - i bet thats the best gift stan has ever got!