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Friday, 30 March 2012

Enjoying the sunshine.

What is it about the sunshine that clears away the cobwebs of life when it arrives? For us, It is the warm weather that invites us to get out and do something fun. My husband picked this week to have a holiday from work. He couldn't have picked a better week , with early summer arriving in England!
We wanted to make the most of his break, goodness knows we really needed a break! It's not so easily done in our situation though. Night after night of no sleep had left me with a lot of pain and no energy and a grumpy baby, but we weren't going to let that stop us.
The doctor told us to give baby antihistamines if he was reacting to food, so desperate to try anything we got some and they worked! He was much more settled and slept much better, only waking every couple of hours. Getting a better night sleep ensured that my body would get some rest to rejuvenate for the next day. And each day we planned scheduled nap times for the boys and myself.
Then in the afternoons we maximised on the fun we could have in the sun. We went to parks and to the beach - places where I could sit down, but the rest of the family could enjoy and run around.
Then at night I would go to bed once the boys were asleep to make sure I had plenty of resting time.
It still took its toll on me, and the week ended in sickness and exhaustion, but those three days felt like we were on holiday. The distraction from the same four walls has helped us all to shake off some of the burdens we were carrying.

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