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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Time will tell ..

I have spent months researching, praying, crying, despairing and wearing myself down to such a point that one small step down and I've reached rock bottom. It's a scary place to be, and at times I have panicked. I believe the solution that will head me in the direction away from rock bottom lies with getting myself and my baby better. I know I can handle the other things if I gain energy to make my body work. It really is a scary place when you feel your body shutting down and there are little people relying on you for their care and you don't know if you will be able to physically give them the care you need!

An angel came up to me two weeks ago and said she wanted to help me. I am at a stage that I am willing to accept whatever help is offered so I accepted her offer gratefully. This angel has been in a very similar situation to me and she is out the other side. She has health, she has energy, she is happy. She told me the solution to her problems was to change the foods she was eating. She likened it to putting the right fuel in a car. We spent the day at her house where she showed me lots of ways to make healthy, delicious food. She told me what foods were good for my body, she told me why the foods I have been eating were harmful to me. And it made sense! I love my food, I have begrudged my previous diets for denying me of scrummy foods. But this time it's different, it feels right, it feels healthy, it feels like my body is asking for it. That's not to say I won't begrudge it tomorrow and that I won't find it difficult, but it does make sense!
Will it work? Only time will tell. Is this the solution to my problems? I don't know, but I am willing to try it because it feels right.
What does it entail? No gluten, no dairy, no sugar, meat sparingly, no potatoes or tomatoes during the detox, but then all fruits, vegetables, raw chocolate, and other superfoods. Basically, it's getting back to basics! It's getting rid of all the foods that have been refined, modified etc for our modern day diets and eating food as it was meant to be eaten.
For a condition that is caused by a build up of toxins in the body, doesn't it make sense to remove the toxins? As for my baby, I hope it will help him too. Since Christmas I have been adamant that I don't want him on the medicines as they didn't work and as I learnt more about his condition and intolerances I have felt that we needed to help him by diet. By knowing what foods can help heal his gut as well as avoiding the foods that irritate his gut. This makes sense to me. But again, only time will tell if this is the way forward.
Watch this space!

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  1. I can only imagine how you manage everything! Praying for you that this diet helps!