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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

My body tingles with pain, my legs are heavy, my head aches .. It's been a great day! We took advantage of the unusually warm autumn weather and spent the afternoon in the garden because since having M.E/CFS my body thrives in warmth, and hates the cold. Warmth makes me feel relaxed and eases the pain I feel, which is a welcome relief. A good excuse to move to sunnier climates I say! In the days when I was really bad I was unable to regulate my body temperature, which meant that although my body liked the warm, it could not tolerate hot without feeling dizzy, weak and nauseous and in the cold I would shiver uncontrollably. When I have done too much I still experience that now, although with each pregnancy I have made improvements and the boundary which lets me know I have overdone it is now higher.
My boys also napped at the same time today for 50 minutes, every time they do that it feels like Christmas. I need my naps in the day whether I want one or not, and today I really wanted one after only 5 and half hours sleep. I don't know what I run on when I get little sleep. At one point I would not have been able to function. I think the difference is that now my body rests when I sleep, whereas previously in my "bad days" I would feel just as bad in the morning as I did the night before. This is mainly due to the treatment I had prior to the birth of my second baby, called the Perrin Technique. (I will elaborate more on this treatment in a future post).
The reason why I'm so exhausted tonight is not just the warm, fresh air. I couldn't resist my two year olds cheeky face as he wanted me to help him race cars around the garden, exploring and holding my chunky baby at the same time so he could be part of it too. My two boys, happy together are worth feeling this way. Fortunately, I have an understanding  husband who values the time I spend with my boys and is now tidying the messy house as I type. A good support system, be it family or friends, is key to having a life as well as M.E/CFS.


  1. sounds like a fantastically fun afternoon - your little boys are so lucky to have a fab mum who loves spending time with them and a fab dad who helps with housework so you can rest!