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Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Pause for Thought

Contrary to what I wrote in my previous post, I will not be writing about the Perrin Technique today. I thought I'd have an interval before I resumed the posts about my past.
I love my kids, but BOY is it hard work. Lucas is nearly 4 months old now and I'm feeling that same deterioration in energy as I did with Asher. The thought keeps coming to my mind to stop breastfeeding. However, this makes me so sad. I was, and am, so determined to breastfeed till 6 months this time as I am doing better than I was when I just had the one child. Now though I have a very active toddler AND a baby that can't go longer than 3-4 hours without a feed (day and night) and requires a lot of attention because of reflux. My body is suffering. Then I think to myself that breast feeding is not only best for our family, but I enjoy the time I have with Lucas. A wise friend once said that there are times and seasons. With Lucas possibly being our last child I think this season may be a struggle, but I will look back and be grateful I made the sacrifice.

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