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Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Perrin Technique

I will not be able to adequately describe the Perrin Technique, so here is the link to the website.

In my experience this works. They do not claim that it works for everyone, but it certainly works for me. They give you twelve weeks in which you should know if it will work or not and this was true in my case. I could tell strongly that the treatment was having an effect on my body. My practitioner gave me a diet plan that also helped to improve my energy. It was a very strict diet which cuts out toxins. Among some of the forbidden foods were dairy, sugar, gluten and starch. Each week she would discuss different psychological techniques to help me through the journey of recovery. After being ill for so long I had to retrain my brain to think healthily, and not to do a constant body check of how I was feeling. We would also discuss my progress and as my abilities increased she would help me overcome my fears of doing things again. I had been so incapable and so dependant, that to do things on my own  was really frightening, and still can be. Another hard part of recovery is being able to say yes, but still having to say no - to prioritise what to spend my energies on. Talking it out with my practitioner, herself a former sufferer of M.E, helped me to prioritise and not feel guilty. Alongside the treatment, my practitioner emphasised the importance of proper rest. Having sufficient resting periods is not easy as all parents can testify. I was taught to close my mind to stressful thoughts and think back to when I was well so that when my kids nap I can restore some of the lost energy.

I've still a long way to go, but I have come a long way, and a big part of that is thanks to this treatment.

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