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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Slow and steady wins the race

Life whizzes by and I find myself at the end of each day shattered, heavy and sore with nothing to show for it. Having M.E/CFS gives me a valid excuse, but it doesn't make me feel any better. So, one night I  decided to make a list of all the goals I wanted to accomplish. I've learnt by now not to push myself. I accept my limitations so my goals are within my boundaries. The NHS pacing technique taught me how to do this, and its very useful to maintain my condition if I follow it. I'm going to pace how and when I accomplish my goals too. Slow and steady certainly does win the race with M.E/CFS. If I'm rushed and try to do too many things at once my body starts to weaken, the pain kicks in and my stress levels go through the roof because I know I'll be paying for it later.

I'm now a few days into my goal setting and I'm really pleased with how I've done. I can't tick all the boxes everyday, but the fact I've been able to tick any at all is a big sense of achievement for me. I feel a deep responsibility to teach my sons well, yet the free time I have to teach them is usually spent necessarily resting. One of my goals is to spare some time each day (from active time, not rest time) and dedicate it to doing one thing with them. Oh how I love this time! You just can't beat that quality time. They like the attention, and I feel like a good mum. Its wonderful to have purpose again.

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