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Wednesday, 2 November 2011


I've been trying to avoid it, but the worse I get and the more I struggle, the more  I can't avoid ... the awful diet.
It came to a head last night with me telling my husband 'if I ever say I want more kids, shoot me'. Then I realised (much later) that its not the kids that's the problem, its my health. I'm inclined to whine and complain when I'm on my own, a trait I'm not proud of, but the time has come to stop complaining and do something about it. I don't want to become totally house bound again and the cold weather is already taking its toll on my body. When I did the diet before - it worked. Its time to try it again, Eek! I love my food, particularly junk food, especially whilst breastfeeding. The diet is going to be pretty bland in comparison with my diet now and it also requires so much more effort, a lot of preparation for all meals. No more just making a sandwich. It doesn't make sense to me that I have to expend energy I don't have in order to get more energy. But so it is!

I remember from last time that I felt much better, but it also got me down due to the strictness of the diet. So this time I will allow myself one day every few weeks where I can eat normal food. I think this  will help me stick to it, because not even the incentive of better health can motivate me to stick  to it all the time. The diet calls for me to refrain from gluten, dairy and sugar. Right now these are my three main food groups! That's not all though, I can't eat rice or potatoes, except new potatoes. There's only certain types of fruit, veg fish  and herbs that I can eat. Yep, its strict.

This week I'm preparing myself to start. If there are any good recipes that you know that fit into this diet, then please, please, please share!


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