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Saturday, 19 November 2011

My favourite things

I've been hesitant to write my blog for fear of becoming monotonous. Life has got tough and I've been finding it a struggle to think of positive things to write, or even to write about my life humorously and then who would want to read the rants of a moany old grump. But, this is life as a mum with M.E. It's flipping hard work.
The inspiring quotes that people are bombarding Facebook with are not really cutting it with me at the moment. Instead I'm going to put Julie Andrews to the test, she sang 'I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don't feel so bad' in the Sound of Music. Let's see if it works.
1) cheesy but true - my husband. He's so silly and random and treats me! He never expects me to do anything during the days and so there's no pressure to push myself. Perfect!
2) my shower - a hot shower for me is like how I imagine addicts feel when they get their fix. It's a need (for cleanliness, and muscle relaxant to ease my pain) but also a pleasure, time for myself.
3) my snack cupboard - not the cupboard itself, but the delectable treats within - yum!
4) my iphone - my life in my pocket.
5) my baby's cheeks, chubby legs, sausage fingers etc - kissing them has healing properties
6) my toddlers facial expressions - he can make me laugh when nothing else can.
7) my new boots - they actually make me feel like a million dollars.
8) my scriptures app - can delve deeper and learn more without having to cart books around.

That's enough for now. It's important to say these are in no particular order. Don't want people worrying about where my priorities are!
It worked though. Life may be tough, but there are great things in it!

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