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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Times and seasons

Fail to plan and you plan to fail ... Wise words and very true in my case this week.
 My diet lasted all of 9 hours because I failed to plan. I have many reasons of why I failed and why I am no longer on the diet. Mainly that my youngest has been very poorly and consumed all my time, all my attention and all my energy. I could pretend I'm frustrated that my plans have been foiled, but I'm not. I'm a comfort eater and Tunnocks teacakes have got me through the awfulness of today. Twice this weekend I've asked my mum to bring me chocolate to help my sanity  and until I can cope better I don't want to give it up.
Times and seasons, times and season's is my mantra and I've been saying it over and over again these past few weeks. I've been told I'm brave having kids whilst being ill with M.E, I've been more inclined to feel crazy for doing it recently. Why did I do it? I've asked myself a lot, rhetorically, not looking for a response.
Why DID I do it? Because we love children, because they add to our love for each other, because  they make the days worthwhile. My two boys will grow up together, play together, fight together, experience life together. If I can get through the tough part now, I'll hopefully have enough energy to enjoy that.

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