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Monday, 14 November 2011

Living with the aftermath of illness

Whew! What a week! I'm hoping the illnesses that have lasted for weeks have come to a head and are now making their very slow departure. We will be, however, left with the aftermath. An insane amount of washing will have to be done to get rid of the bugs. The house is going to be sterilized to zap the offending bacteria and I am left with a baby who now will probably only be able to settle to sleep nursing or in my arms, and likes to share my bed. These bad habits were developed thanks to his Incredibly sore throat and antibiotics that irritate his stomach. He used to be so good at settling himself and sleeping wherever.

 I also took a beating this last week. My threshold for energy has been reduced. It doesn't take much now for the heaviness and pain to kick in, ouch! When I think of doing sleep training and losing valuable resting time to do it, it literally fills me with dread. It was the last of the antibiotics yesterday, I'm still hoping he'll go back to my lovely, easy baby, but I'm not holding my breath!

With my energy levels dwindling I'm having to find different ways of filling our days. With a toddler its a constant challenge to find something to entertain him and teach him. At the moment he is like a sponge and soaks everything in, he is learning very quickly. This actually is a blessing as we no longer need to take him out everyday to entertain him and wear him out. We can stay in and bake, draw, play, even some gentle cleaning that he helps with. This is all as long as baby permits and all of it will be while I sit on a chair. I can't afford to push myself now, with two children to look after I don't have the same opportunities to recover.

I've had my moments these past two weeks, but I love my boys and I'm so grateful we've got them. It may be hard, but they are so worth it.


  1. Phew sounds like a tough few weeks. I hope you get a bit of a break soon.

    I know you are very tired and still struggling daily with M.E. but reading your blog, I can almost feel how energetic you want to be. You are achieving so much already with the two little ones.

    Good luck and stay well(ish).

  2. Thank you Sarah! That has really made me feel better, it has been tough. Thanks for reading :)