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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Discovering miracles

  I'll tell you anything, give you everything...just let me sleep!
 I feel like I'm being tortured by my child, but I can't reason or bargain with him. I can't even blame him, he's too poorly. I've got to take it on the chin and smile, hiding the zombie like state within.
It's a poor state of affairs when I look back on my 'bad days', when I was bed bound, with fondness. Yet this is where I found myself today, only briefly mind you. I wouldn't actually like to go back to those days, but the thought of a day in bed today sounds bliss. My body feels like lead. A painful, achy lead. I'm fortunate that my parents live close, so when my husband goes to work, one of them can help. But there's a lot of time that I have to  fend for myself with a sick baby and active toddler. Hard work, life is tough. Then I stopped and wondered how on earth I was doing what I needed to do without getting the necessary rest. Only one way - divine intervention. Literal miracles are occurring in my life every day. I could NOT do this job without them.

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